After a professional career as a competition and sport dance coach, owning a ballroom school in Barcelona for more than 25 years, and with a career as a dancer with 4 Spanish Championships and a final in the World Cup, I took advantage of all the discipline and mental training to teach how to achieve results on a personal level in any area of life, especially in the personal and spiritual life.

My holistic studies (Naturopathy, Chiromassage, Reiki Master, Meditation, Family Constellations, Transgenerational Therapy…) and my own search in my spiritual awakening have led me to write and publish the following books and works:

SURVIVAL GUIDE (2013): I explain what has happened until now in our life, why and how to redirect those situations we do not like.

YOU ARE ME (2015): Here I develop the shadow or mirror effect, which helps us to be conscious of what is happening in our subconscious, project it, and be able to harmonize it.

DECIDE NOW (2017): an approach to the book “A Course in Miracles”, in which I explain, in an easy way, the first resources of the course and how to put them into practice on a daily basis to reach a state of peace.

PRAYER CARDS (2017): set of 365 prayer cards, for day and night, to help you get into the habit of praying.

All these works are based on the life philosophy of “A course in Miracles”. I am a care giver in face-to-face and online study groups with the aim of making the book’s resources easier and helping people to find their inner power.

As a TRANSGENERATIONAL THERAPIST since 2012, I teach seminars for therapists on this technique as well as private and online sessions.

The aim of my life is to reach our potential as human beings and be all that we can be: we are a being of light with a human experience. We have to remember who we are and to connect with this zone of peace. Then, you will be able to change your life for the benefit of all. The way to obtain it, has been, and will always be Love and Peace.